Pure Sweetness!

Here's the first swarm I ever captured!

This is the first swarm I ever captured.

Thanks for visiting Maria’s Malaga Honey.

I’m Maria and I’m a beekeeper. Most of my bees are based at my home on Cathedral Rock Road in Malaga, WA where they forage among wildflowers, orchards, and local gardens, making honey in their hives all summer long.

Here I am checking one of my hives.

I check each of  my hives once a month throughout the honey production season.

At the end of each summer season, I harvest small amounts of honey in comb and on frames. I extract and strain the honey, then bottle it raw with minimal processing. You might see a few small flakes of beeswax in my honey — that’s okay; it’s fully edible. I hand-fill, seal, and label each 4-oz and 8-oz jar.

I sell my honey harvest at local wineries in Malaga, Wenatchee, and East Wenatchee, beginning in the autumn. Because I produce in limited quantities, it’s only available while supplies last. When it’s gone, you’ll have to wait until next year’s harvest — so when you see it, be sure to pick up a jar!